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Thank you for making our trip so wonderful. Now, Jordan and Kaya can't wait to snorkel again. It was their first snorkeling trip and YOU made it a success--ok, your dog Poncho Villa helped too! We hope you are doing well. You gave us the vacation of a life time! You made our vacation fun and exciting. Thank you for also helping the kids learn how to snorkel and educating them about the ocean! You were so positive the whole time! We had the best time of our lives with you!

Thank you for our wonderful 2 trips. One to the sandbar, reef and lighthouse for the most fantastic snorkeling. The fishing trip was wonderful too--with lots of catches and fun surprises. You are the perfect host for families and children. You are fun and you understand how to relate well to kids. A great big hug and a great big THANK YOU!

With great appreciation!
~Annette, Victor, Jordan (9) and Kaya (8)
Madison WI


Hi Capt. Kelly,

Thanks again for a great fishing trip. My family and I had a lot of fun and appreciate all your help. The trip was one of the highlights of our vacation to the Keys. We're back in New York now in the cold and the rain and can't wait for our next trip. We'll see you then. Ciao for now.

~Paul and Dawn Spano and kids


Hi Kelly,

Here are the pictures of the two happy dogs from our charter on Saturday. It was the best!
Thank you so much for a great 3 hours on the water. It was a perfect day. Hope to see you again.

All the Best,
~Roxann Painterr


Hey there lady!

Just droppin' you a note to say Thank You again for your hospitality and kind ways! After you left us this morning, I told Ana, our GM, that I felt bad for not having more business for you. Out of all the Captains we work with, YOU are the only one who periodically comes to see us and how we're doin'! (And of course the only one that brings us goodies!!) We try our very best to promote you and your AWESOME service, and I feel like its not enough. You are, in my opinion, one of the most hands on, personal, friendly and caring proprietors that we have here in the area, and there should be more like you who care enough about their business to ensure good relationships with fellow local business people, ESPECIALLY if they want to be known and spoken of. Plus its just bein' good peoples!!

I am making it my personal goal to get more of our guests on the boat with ya!! As well as gettin my sorry butt out there with you too!!

Thanks again Captain Lady!

Chris Schmitt
Front Desk
Pines and Palms Resort
Islamorada, FL 33036


Florida, Summer 2010 Tuesday 3rd August

Today we got up at 8:30 am then we ate breakfast and drove to a boat place. We rode on a boat for a couple of hours and the person who was driving the boat was called Kelly and she was very chatty.  First when we got on the boat we settled down. Then Kelly started driving. The view from the sea was so nice! Kelly was talking about a woman who really wanted to see manatees and Kelly told her that they were only out in the winter. Then, later, they saw three manatees! The woman started petting the Manatees and they lifted her up! It sounded cool!

We rode for a little while, then we got to the place to snorkel. Nana got out first, then I did, then Mommy, then Daddy. Mommy just floated with a noodle. The coral reef looked like something from a fairy tale. It was awesome! It was so colourful! We saw grey fish, angel fish and rainbow fish! We saw a school of grey fish and they looked like they were in a dancing lesson! They were swaying back and forth at the same time! Then a small rainbow fish came through the swaying fish. It looked like he/she was inspecting everyone's dancing moves. It seemed satisfied so he went away. The fish swayed some more, a red and black fish came along, and all the fish were scared!  The rainbow fish looked like they had blue lipstick!

Kelly said that she feeds the fish shrimp and they always come up to the boat. She called it "Kelly's sushi restaurant". I watched her feed them. Once she threw the shrimp in front of me and the fish came up face to face with me! Then we stayed snorkeling for a while. Then Daddy pointed excitedly. I looked underwater and a huge grey sting ray was going under us! We got back onto the boat then. We then decided to go to the "sand bar". It's in the water but it is very shallow and there are sea shells! As we approached the sand bar Kelly's phone rang. The person on the phone told Kelly that there was something big in the water heading towards us. We couldn't see anything though.

We got off the boat and looked around. Kelly also told us that they found lots of useful things there like sunglasses, cameras and diamond rings! Me, Nana, Daddy, Mommy and Grandpa found only seashells and coral. Kelly came back. She found a beach towel that was yellow and blue and men's pants but she only brought back the beach towel. Then we looked around some more and Kelly was on the boat.  Suddenly Kelly said "Oh my God!" really loudly. She said that three dark blobs in front of us were manatees! We started walking slowly towards them. Suddenly they turned around; facing towards us. We petted them for a long time. One of them nibbled mommy's butt! There were three. One older one with algae on its back and two littler ones. The older one was more friendly. The manatees were so cute and they felt rough. The one with algae let me ride him!

Kelly got a picture that was like the cover on Flipper except it was me and the manatee. Soon a whole crowd gathered and fed them celery. After a long time we left. Kelly said that they loved me!  It was amazing! I'm really glad we went on the boat. The ride back was really smooth.

I'll never forget today!
~By Naomi



So glad we spent the day with Captain Kelly Klein! We had a blast!! Kelly is a native Floridian and will entertain you like an old friend. She knows the area and will customize your excursion to suit your wants and needs. You can bring a few beverages of your choice on board and sit back, relax and enjoy the ride. You can snorkel, go pick shells or search for treasures in the flats, swim around, do some fishing..or..just kick back and soak up the glorious sun. Kelly will do her best to show you a good time. If you don't have fun with her, you need to check your pulse!! Charters are by appointment only, so call Kelly and let her arrange a charter to suit your groups' needs! Boat is docked at The Lor-e-Lei, first slip.

~Patty V.
Franklin Park, IL


My husband and I came to Islamorada for our 'babymoon' and we went out with Captain Kelly Klein twice during our visit and we had the best time!!! We laughed the entire time, went fishing, saw great wildlife and relaxed on the sandbar. We highly recommend booking with her! My hubby also loved the convenient location of the Lorelei bar after our excursions :)

Sad our trip is over today!

~Mr. and Mrs. Bigio


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